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B&C BC320-1 Starter TCM W/Key Type Stcd

This starter for the Continental 0-200 or 0-240 engine solves all the problems that other starters have had -- worn out clutches, cracked pinion gears, hard to find parts. In addition, the BC320 is 4.3 to 5.2 lbs. lighter depending on whether you are replacing a key-type starter or a pull-cable type starter. BC320 starter is STCd for use in certificated aircraft and is available with, or without, the STC.

Also available are 2 installation kits; one for replacing a key-type starter, the other for replacing a pull-cable type starter.
    If you are replacing a key-type starter, you will need installation kit 07-06752.
    Before installing the BC320, a needle bearing will need to be removed
    from your engine. To aid in removing this needle bearing, you may purchase
    Bearing removal kit, 07-06753 .
    If you are replacing a pull-cable starter, you will need installation kit 07-06754.
Attention: Before installing the BC320, you will need to cut off a steel shaft that is installed in your engine case.

The BC320 starter is a complete starter, ready to install, that will replace the existing motor, clutch, and pinion-gear. Tested by Continental with over 5000 start cycles without a problem. Recommended by Rutan Aircraft Factory. Except for paperwork, there are no differences between STCd starters and starters for homebuilts. A starter must be ordered to match your battery voltage.
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