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Efii Boost Pump Module W/ 90* Fittings

The EFII Boost Pump Module (BPM) is the only product in its category that is professionally engineered for maximum performance and reliability. The BPM delivers the lowest suction loss, most stable pressure regulation, and highest quality components of any boost pump product currently available.The EFII Boost Pump Module also brings a new level of installation simplicity and functionality to the fuel system of your aircraft. The BPM reduces a time consuming and frustrating plumbing job to a simple and clean, easy to set up installation. The Boost Pump Module is used to supply a steady source of 30 PSI fuel to your engine during take-off, landing, priming, or emergency situations. The BPM has integral back flow prevention and pressure regulation valving.

Note: Only comes with 1 pre-filter

Dimensions: 6X6X12

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