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RAM Mounting 96 & 96C Yoke

R-A-M is the revolutionary universal ball and socket mounting system that allows you to mount practically anything anywhere. Unlike other mounts on the market, R-A-M allows you to mount items where you need them most.

Our yoke mounting systems gives the pilot an option of positioning the arm over or under the yoke depending on your specific requirements. If yoke mounting is not desired then R-A-M also fits that demand by enabling the pilot to attach a base with ball in a more convenient location. Then by simply turning a knob, the hand held device can be positioned for the very best viewing angle. Whether its in an aircraft, automobile, boat, ATV, truck, snowmobile, farming vehicle, motorcycle, fork lift or any other situation, R-A-M's family of over 175 interchangeable accessories will offer you solutions to your most challenging mounting problems.

If you need to mount a GPS, camera, light, computer, cellular phone, speaker, mirror, antenna, or just about anything else look no further. RAM mounts will help you make a professional job easy and affordable. Its unique design provides easy installation, mobility, strength, versatility, vibration protection and durability, all at a low cost. R-A-M is backed by NPI's renowned Lifetime Warranty which makes it the mounting system of choice.

To provide light weight strength and corrosion resistance, R-A-M is made of marine grade aluminum with a powder coated finish, stainless steel hardware and rubber balls. Recognized and accepted by the U.S. Patent Office, R-A-M is the only universal ball-and-socket system that holds tremendous amounts of weight in high vibration applications for military, commercial and private use. Visit the R-A-M web site at: to see the newest products and to learn more about this revolutionary mounting system that is quickly becoming the industry standard. Remember when faced with a difficult mounting situation, Just R-A-M It!

RAM Mounting systems pictured below, only begin to show some of the many combinations for their use.With different RAM compatible items, applications are only limited by your imagination.

Standard round mounting base with double socket arm and holder. Ideal for mounting on glareshields and panels.

Yoke mounted C clamp w/ double socket arm & mounting base. Quickly & easily attaches to yokes from 5/8" to 1-1/4" in dia. Perfect for use in rental aircraft. Mount can be used on either the top or the bottom of the yoke.

3.25" diameter Twist Lock Suction Cup with double socket arms and attachment plate. Cup will solidly adhere to any glass or smooth non porous surface. Excellent solution for rental aircraft.

AM 4" rubber suction base mount consists of the 1" dia. ball and socket system. The suction cup is designed to hold on any smooth non-porous surface, but for best result, mount the suction cup on a glass surface.

U-bolt mounting base with double socket arm and attachment base. Easily attaches on to tubing between 1/2" to 1" in diameter. Larger version able to attach to 1-3/8" diameters available upon request.

High Strength Composite Semi-Permanent Adhesive Mount Base consists of a 2.5" diameter flexible base with a standard RAM double hole diamond plate end with two holes 1.912" from center to center.

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