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Taskem 5000 Altimeter - FT

Note: Although this unit meets the accuracy requirements of FAA TSO-10B, paragraph 6.1, it is not a FAA approved product and should not be used in certified aircraft. Experimental or ultralight install only.

Unlike mechanical altimeters, Taskem 5000 is insensitive to the high vibration of 2-stroke engines frequently used on ultralight aircraft. This has literally shaken many mechanical altimeters. The 5000 is all solid state and can withstand severe shock and vibration without damage. It has a full 4.5 digit liquid crystal (LCD) display with large, 1/2" high characters. Because the LCD uses direct drive, it is easily readable from most viewing angles and does not disappear when viewed from an angle or does not washout in bright sunlight.

Includes a backlight for night or dusk viewing. The altitude range extends from below sea level to well above the need for supplementary oxygen. The limits are -1000 to 19,990 ft. (-305 to 6,093 meters). Increments are in 10 ft./1m steps. The instrument is powered from DC in the range of 7­30V and is protected for accidental polarity reversal. A 9V battery is a common power source and a battery holder for this is provided on the back, external to the case. An alkaline battery will provide over 40 hours of operation, without the backlight illuminated. The backlight is not powered in the ON power switch position to conserve battery life.

Dimensions: 5X7X9

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