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After many requests and making dozens of custom units, we are proud to offer this variation of our product THE NOSE JOB TWO as a partial solution to the nose gear leg fears of many RV-A model builders, current owners and potential buyers of these wonderful aircraft. Many of you requested a kit that would not require the fitting of a new fairing.

The preparation and fitting of the new fairing is a complex problem for a non-builder and most dont wish to deal with it. Also many finished airplanes have very expensive and elaborate paint jobs and this is a deterrent to many people as well. So in response to the demand here is a NOSE JOB TWO kit that will fit under the stock Vans fairing and provide the same protection as our original unit. We now feel our product is the most logical, simple and inexpensive device that can be manufactured and installed in an effort to address these gear leg concerns.

This product allows the Vans nose gear leg to function as designed without interfering with its dynamics or operation in any way. The product only comes into play when the forces on the gear leg, if allowed to increase further, would become greater than the gear leg was designed to see or handle without permanent damage to itself or the aircraft. When operating your aircraft from an unimproved surface i.e. grass, dirt, poor runway surface or in an emergency off field landing this device could help prevent a costly repair, a propeller strike, engine disassembly for inspection or other damage may be avoided not to mention a dreaded possible flip over we have seen so many times.

Dimensions: 4X5X19

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