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Clev Brake Lining # 66-112

For a number of years Cleveland offered standard organic & heavy-duty asbestos brake linings for their wheels and brakes.

In January 1988 the two types of linings were discontinued and a single, improved brake lining was introduced. The prices are higher than the older types of linings but performance and durability are greatly improved. Replace worn brake linings with new original Cleveland parts for positive braking action. Advise make, year and model number of aircraft, and order number of linings you require plus required number of rivets.

Most light aircraft take 2 linings per wheel. See tool section for economical rivet tool.
Most brake linings include rivets, few are sold as pad only.

Advise aircraft make, model and serial number to assure that correct brake lining is furnished. Extra rivets, P/N 105-00200 or 06-02808.

Dimensions: .25X1X2.7

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